Enrichment Program (EP)

BVCS Enrichment Program is designed to create a fun and exciting place for children to learn about different aspects of their cultural heritage that are only touched upon in textbooks. There will be no more than 20 students per class. This program is only offered to BVCS students or teaching assistants.



  班別 說明 指導老師 限制
中國書畫 張老師將以生動活潑的教學方法,讓學生體會中國 書法、繪畫的一體兩面,進而認知中國文化藝術的 另一層面。張老師擅長中國書法繪畫及西洋美術, 是位多才多藝的職業畫家。 張錫鈞 招收八歲以上的學生
卡通動畫 學生 將由基本繪畫技巧,色彩辨認、基本人物造型設計 入門。進階課程將運用電腦軟體將人物造型動作 化。 陳文宗 招收八歲以上的學生
初級西洋棋  New to chess. Learn how to play chess. 吳琦如 年齡不限
進階西洋棋 For students already know chess rules, castle, check, checkmate, and en passant. Teach opening, end games, and provide analysis for students' games. 劉啟文, 劉奕安 年齡不限