Week of 01/15/2021
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  春曉 孟浩然 Chūnxiǎo mènghàorán
  春眠不覺曉,處處聞啼鳥。 chūnmián bù jué xiǎo, chùchù wén tíniǎo.
  夜來風雨聲,花落知多少。 Yèlái fēngyǔ shēng, huā luò zhī duōshǎo.

  The Dawning of Spring       by Meng Hao-ran
Asleep in Spring I did not heed the arrival of dawn,
Till the chirping of birds broke out everywhere.
Recalling last night's clamor of wind and rain,
I wondered how many fallen flowers were there.


At the beginning of this week's eNews is the widely recognized poem, "Chunxiao" ("The Dawning of Spring") that many Chinese native speakers read and recite at their younger years. By way of this poem, we welcome and herald the coming of spring. By way of this poem, we revisit the vivid scenes that it invokes. ("Chunxiao" is one of the choices offered to our Poetry Read-Out-Loud contestants.)

進入嶄新的 2021 年,雖然不知道疫情還有多久才會結束,但新的一年就有新的希望。目前新冠肺炎疫情嚴峻,在一月八日州政府發佈居家令繼續延長的消息後,校方已將本學期活動全部改在線上舉辦。上週五剛結束的鉛筆書法比賽,收到許多參賽作品。學生利用寒假提筆習字,認真地一筆一畫反覆練習,寫出了他們的參賽作品。親手寫出的中國字富有生命力,在字裡行間看出寫字者的風格和個性。驚喜連連的佳作,看到學生的無限潛力!

The arrival of the brand-new 2021 brings hope for rejuvenation. Nevertheless, presently, COVID-19 is still ravaging and it is uncertain when we could reach an epidemiological end to the pandemic. The State has extended its Regional Stay at Home Order on January 8, 2021. BVCS has moved all activities scheduled in the second semester to the virtual platform. Last Friday marked the submission deadline for "Calligraphy with a Pencil" Contest, and we have received many entries. These wonderful entries are testimony to how patiently and seriously students took on their practices during the winter break. A Chinese character, full of vigor and zest, is an organic matter in each individual hand. You are what you write. The way you space the characters and the way you shape the strokes give away your personality traits and mood. It is a pleasure to see so many exceptional pieces and we are so happy to be able to inspire students to develop their potential.

這次進入鉛筆書法決賽的學生包括:低年級組 19 人,中年級組 10 人,高年級組 6 人,共 35 人。得獎名單如下:

There are a total of 35 students selected to compete in the final round, including 19 in the Junior Tier, 10 in the Intermediate Tier and 6 in the Senior Tier. Winners are listed in the table below:

Winner List


Adjustments to our 2nd semester calendar:
新增 :『牛轉乾坤慶新春』文化分享線上晚會,將於二月十二日舉行,自由參加,活動細節之後再行發布。
Newly added: Virtual Chinese New Year Celebration in the evening of February 12, 2021. Participation is voluntary but strongly encouraged. Details for the line up of activities will be announced soon.
取消 :原訂二月十九日的春節聯歡晚會取消,將由線上詩歌朗讀比賽取代。
Cancelled: The annual in-person Chinese New Year Celebration, originally scheduled on February 19, 2021, has been cancelled, and will be replaced by the Zoom Poetry Read-Aloud Contest.


  Gratitude Appreciate   THANK YOU to the following generous donors for your most kind and generous gift to BVCS. Thank you again for your continued support!!!
  1. $500 Sophia Chang / Vice Chair of the board of directors of BVCS
  2. $150 Cecilia Mok/ Vice Chair of the board of directors of BVCS
  3. $500 Kay Wang / Principal of BVCS


Look What's Happening!

線上詩歌朗讀比賽 (報名截止日:2/5/2021)

比賽規則: 學生自由參加,分為低年級 (K─2年級) 、中年級 (3─5 年級)、與高年級 (6年級以上) 三組評比。參賽者到自己年級的指定題庫挑出一首詩歌比賽,如外加自選詩歌,則視為加分項目。
評分標準: 咬字四聲抑揚頓挫清晰正確 50% 、語調情感表達得宜 30% 、儀容態度表情 20%, 若能背誦額外加分
線上比賽日: 2 月 19 日
獎勵辦法: 每級選出前三名,獎金依序為 $50, $30, $20 。 .

Zoom Poetry Recitation Contest

Rules: Participation is voluntary.Entrants are grouped into 3 tiers: Junior (Grades K-2), Intermediate (Grades 3-5), and Senior (Grade 6 and above). Participants are to choose one poem in the assigned repertoire and recite virtually on the date of contest in front of a panel of judges. If participants decide to recite an additional poem from the self-chosen repertoire, they will earn extra credits.
Deadline: Last day for online submission of the entry from is February 5, 2021.
Scoring Rubric: enunciation and pronunciation accuracy 50%; voice and articulation 30%; physical presence and dramatic appropriateness 20%; extra credits for memorization effort.
Date of Virtual Contest: February 19, 2021
Prizes: 3 winners would be chosen from each tier, with an award of $50 to 1st place, $30 to 2nd place and $20 to 3rd place.
Entry form  
Repertoire of poems  


Calligraphy Contest

Beginner Group

Beginner Winners

Beginner Honorable Mention

Intermediate Group

Intermediate Winners

Intermediate Honorable Mention

Advanced group

Advanced Group First

Advanced Group Second and Third

Advanced Honorable Mention

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