Week of 10/16/2020
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  Internet Safety   今年自從疫情爆發開始,實體課程改在網路上進行,學童有更多的時間上網。打開電腦接觸到的虛擬世界令人眼花撩亂,加上各式各樣的社交媒體吸引下,好奇心驅使很有可能外洩私人及家庭訊息而不自知。



  1. 網路無隱私:不可提供自己的私訊和密碼。
  2. 慎思轉貼訊息:停一停、想一想、問一問自己後,才決定是否轉貼訊息。千萬不要轉貼暴力,仇恨犯罪,親密不雅等的照片。
  3. 嚴選談話對象:僅限於自己或家中認識的人。
  4. 分辨廣告:教導子女如何分辨廣告,不要任意按鍵或下載不明軟體。
  5. 訂製作息時間表:劃分子女使用電子產品的作息時間表。
  6. 慎防網路霸凌:如子女遇到困擾或陷入危險的狀況,及時給予關心,協助解脫。

As the pandemic continues its hold, school districts at the beginning of the school year resort to remote instruction in the virtual classroom. While students are kept safe at their homes away from the coronavirus, they are exposed to the many dangers lurking online. The additional time logged onto digital devices daily and the dazzling temptations in the virtual social world make innocent students easy preys for scammers, fraudsters, and other cyber criminals, especially when they use the Internet without caution.

When school occurs at home, parents are thrust upon the primary responsibility in protecting their children from online hazards. A safe and happy virtual learning experience is absolutely within grasp if parents are upfront with their children regarding rules on Internet usage and keep an open line of communication with their children and teachers.

Tips on training your children to become internet-smart:

  1. Be cognizant of the fact that privacy is a myth online. Remind your children not to reveal passwords and login information with anyone.
  2. Be extra vigilant when posting. Tell you children to pause, think, and question themselves before posting. Never share any postings that have content of violence, hate crime, or profanity.
  3. Be wary of whom to converse with. Reiterate to your children that they should talk to nobody online except those within the family or within the social circle.
  4. Be on the lookout for phishing advertisements. Teach your children to evaluate information on the Internet and to identify reliable sources fromthe unreliable. Never download software or press any keys on impulse.
  5. Be sure to maintain balance in life. Structure the day with a timetable that includes regular breaks from digital devices and designates time for other activities.
  6. Be on your guard against cyber-bullying. Explain to your children what are inappropriate comments or behavior on the Internet, encourage them to voice their concerns, and offer your emotional support and helping hands through the time of crisis.


KA 學生與老師互動熱烈
Vibrant interactions in the KA classroom



1A students learning the stroke order of Chinese characters and practicing on the Whiteboard


1A 王韻茹老師和助教邱華漢成為最佳母子教學拍檔,今年已進入第四年了
The great team of 1A teacher Isis Wang and her TA Walter Chiu, going into their 4th year


"Puffing the moon up and up!"" -- 5th grade students' craft project under the guidance of teacher Becky Kao

5th Grade

5th Grade

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