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The Bay Valley Chinese School is a non-profit organization supported by a group of dedicated and motivated teachers and parent volunteers. BVCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, or religion. Incorporated in 2001, (more ...)
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暑假快樂! 灣谷中文學校開始招生囉!小朋友趕快註冊喔!
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  • 招生班級:幼稚園~八年級
  • 上課時間:每週五, 7:00pm ~ 8:50pm
  • 上課地點:Pine Valley Middle School
    3000 Pine Valley Rd, San Ramon, CA 94583

Happy summer break!
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Bay Valley Chinese School has been deeply involved in the community for 20 years and has cultivated countless talents. For more than 7,300 days, Bay Valley Chinese School has witnessed young seedlings of Chinese culture grow and thrive. Our loving teachers have been selflessly devoting their time and energy to ensuring the quality of authentic language and culture courses for all students.

  • Classes open for registration: kindergarten to 8th grade
  • Class time: Every Friday, from 7:00pm ~ 8:50pm
  • School location: Pine Valley Middle School
    3000 Pine Valley Rd, San Ramon, CA 94583








祝福 大家有個快樂的暑假!

校長宋國恩 敬上

Principal's Message

Dear BVCS families:

At the end of this semester, I would be stepping down from my 20-year Bay Valley Chinese school career, one that would not be possible without the full support of my family.

My sincerest thank you to all my colleagues, teachers and volunteers. It is my great honor to have worked with you. Much gratitude to my invaluable administrative team during my comeback years as a principal: Tiffany Yao (Assistant Principal and Director of Academic Affairs), Melody Tsai (Treasurer), Becky Kao (Registrar), Sophia Chang (Registrar), David Yuen (Director of Activities), Frank Chiang (Director of Student Affairs), Emily Yin (Auditor), Hsiao-ling Mao Chin (Director of Public Relations), Angela Chou (Director of Communications) and Vicky Chung (Webmaster). You are the pillars and cornerstones of BVCS. Hats off to the retired Director of the Board Cecilia Mok, my dear friend and comrade-in-arms for the past 20 years.

Special thanks to the new Board of Directors, Evelyn Chiang, Hsiao-ling Mao Chin, and Shirley Lin, and the incoming Principal Noya Lee for taking over the baton and continuing BVCS' mission to "honor the heritage and inspire the future".

Lastly, thanks to all BVCS parents for your love and support, and hope that our students will persevere joyfully on the road of Chinese learning.

Wish you all a wonderful summer break!

Warm Regards,
Kay Wang


BVCS Grand Opening Ceremony on 8/30/2002

BVCS Grand Opening Ceremony

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